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The Reality of the Syrian Civil War - MAY 2014

The following post will uncover and reveal the truth about the Syrian Civil War. After reading this article,you will definitely support Bashar Al Assad in the Syrian Civil War (and rightfully so.)

The "Syrian Uprising" (Fabricated)
Firstly, I would like to give some basic background on the Syrian civil war. It started in 2011 with supposedly peaceful protests in the village of Deraa (near the Israeli border) calling for the downfall of the regime/government of president Bashar al Assad. Western media will go on to say that the Syrian Army was deployed and used its military force indiscriminately to quell the protests and killed hundreds of civilians, which lead to wide spread protests across Syria. After a few months, there was the formation of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) which was supposedly made up mainly of Syrian Army defectors. The war has been raging on until this very day and more than 160,000 people have been killed and around 3 million displaced.

In reality what happened in Deraa was something completely different. Hundreads of fighters had been smuggled into Deraa along with munitions. They were smuggled in from Israel.

The Israeli backed militants opened fire on civilians as well as government and military bases in Deraa and bought chaos to the Village (there was no peaceful protests and most of the fighters were not of Syrian nationality.) Some Syrian citizens in other parts of the Country went out to protest because they thought that the Syrian army had opened fire on protesters. Other militants were also sent to other parts of Syria and some militants attacked protests (these militants posed as the army in order to frame the Syrian Arab Army.) Furthermore, some Syrians were payed by gulf states, Turkey and Israel to protest against the regime, some were paid up to $400 per day. The Syrian Army was deployed in several parts of Syria in order to protect the areas and the civilians in the areas from the militants.  By this point, some soldiers of the Syrian army had defected. Some had defected because they thought that they weren't fighting for a just cause (they didn't know the reality of the Syrian conflict) and others defected because they were offered high salaries from the countries who had caused the violence. The defecting soldiers weren't able to defect with any heavy weaponry, but their military uniforms were very useful to the opposition because it could be used to frame the Syrian army (thousands of videos have surfaces on youtube appearing to show the Syrian army torturing civilians and militants - these videos have been staged using the uniforms.) In some videos it is clear that the perpetrators are not Syrian army soldiers (not even Syrian in fact.) You can identify this by their accents and the dialect of Arabic they speak - some fighters have been sourced from countries like Chechnya and Afghanistan and in some videos the supposedly SYRIAN soldiers are speaking Russian (spoken language of Chechnya) and Pasto (Spoken language of Afghanistan.) The number of Syrian soldiers who had defected from the Syrian army are a lot less than the claims of western sources.

Many people who support the opposition have done little research on the Syrian civil war and have been quick to appoint blame to Assad. Around 90% of the worlds media is portraying Assad as a ruthless dictator and is influencing the opinions of many viewers (but around more than 70% of Syrians support Assad and most of the remaining 30% just want the war to end, regardless of the victor.) The claims of Syrian army soldiers opening fire at protesters in a form of ethnic cleansing (killing the majority Sunni population) is completely incorrect. If the Syrian army was ordered to kill as many Sunnis and protesters as possible, the number of civilian casualties would of been much greater (in excess of 1 million) and much of the Syrian army would of defected and there would be no one left in the Syrian army. Another reason why people are against the current Syrian government is because of the alleged chemical attack which happened in Ghouta. All the countries opposing Assad were quick to determine that Assad was the perpetrator when in fact it was carried out by the opposition/the Zionists to encourage and justify Western military intervention in Syria. There are several reasons why it is clear that Assad's forces did not use chemical weapons.

A day or 2 before the chemical attacks took place, UN inspectors had arrived in Syria and were staying just a few miles from the Ghouta. If Assad was to use chemical weapons, why would he use it just after UN inspectors had arrived and in an area within close proximity to the UN inspectors. These attacks could have been carried out before and nobody would have heard of it. Also, when the chemical attacks took place, the Syrian Army was in a much stronger position than it was the previous (it had taken back several strategic cities and areas.) A report by Seymour Hersh stated that the Armed opposition possessed Chemical weapons and had the means to deliver them to a specific area. Turkish authorities had also recently arrested members of the armed opposition in Turkey who were in possession of sarin nerve gas. The Syrian Intelligence services (Mukhabarat) claimed to have intercepted a message from a member of the Saudi royal family speaking to militants on the ground who said " the chemical attack had been a success." Ghouta is located just a few miles from the central Damascus, on the day of the chemical attack, it was windy and the chemical gasses could of easily reached central Damascus and could of inflicted injury on supporters of the Assad government as well as members of it. Taking all of these facts into consideration, it is clear that the Chemical attacks weren't carried out or authorized by Assad.

The west had benefited from the Syrian war, at the start of the war, the EU imposed an oil embargo on Syria (preventing Syrian oil to be sold/exported.)  After the armed opposition captured the oil rich region of Deir Ezzur the oil embargo was lifted and the armed opposition was selling oil to the west for a fraction of the price (that Syrian was offering before the war.) The west and Israel  had also benefited because as a result of the Syrian civil war, the Syrian Military, Hezbollah and the Iranian armed forces have lost some of their military capability. This is good for Israel because Syria and Iran are 2 of the few countries that still refuse to recognize the state of Israel and have stood by the people of Palestine.

The government of Assad had provided stability fro Syria, had developed a capable military, Syria was one of the cheapest countries to live in and people of different religions could live freely without persecution. Syria also welcomed Iraqi refugees and Assad had developed the Syrian education system and provided the best opportunities for the future generations of Syria. Some disliked the Assad family because they are Aliwities and there are currently a lot of misinterpretations of the Aliwite religion - people outside the religion often think the Aliwites worship Ali (this is not true.)

The Real UN solution for Syria

If the UN and the countries like Qatar,  the USA and Turkey really wanted their to be peace in Syria and for the president to be elected fairly then they should of sent a large coalition force to support the Syrian army and retake all of Syria. Then elections could be held and could be monitored by a governing body that was made up of members from different countries including Syria. The outcome would determine who ruled Syria. As previously stated, the Syrian civil war was plotted and the countries that call for democracy and change in Syria dont really want that, they just want to benefit themselves.

In the coming months, hopefully the Syrian army will continue to take back areas and restore peace to Syria.

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  1. Viva Assad - Support to him and syrian armed forces from greece.